Are Caravan Storage open?

You’ll be aware of the updated national restrictions to try and contain the coronavirus from spreading. The new tier 3 system is in place to give people restrictions in places where the virus is either spreading rapidly or cases have dropped. Doncaster and the surrounding areas, including Crowle are in Tier 3 – the heaviest restrictions and with most Lockdown rules staying in places, such as the hospitality sector remaining shut.

Coronavirus Update: Are Caravan Storage open?

So, are Caravan Storage open? Well areas in the toughest tier are urging people to stay at home as much as possible unless you are traveling to work (if you cannot work from home), or needing to do the essential shopping trip – other places, such as pubs, cafes and restaurants must remain closed for the foreseeable future until restrictions end or the area is relegated to Tier 2 or even 1.

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are Caravan Storage open? A Picture of the storage unit at Secure Caravan Storage

Secure Caravan Storage, however, remains open to all customers. We are happy for those who are following government guidelines, and who are able to visit to do so as normal. We would ask, for obvious reasons, not to visit if you or a member of your household is currently showing symptoms of COVID-19.

When visiting our Storage Facility in Crowle, please ensure that Social Distancing is maintained at all times, and that face coverings is to be worn throughout the site. The safety of our customers remains our paramount concern, and we are sure that everyone will understand the need for the measures outlined above and we look forward to seeing you all soon.