What Caravan Can I Tow?

Not many people have been able to travel abroad this year, meaning staycations are the other alternate – which is great by the way, packing all your belongings in a Caravan, a home away from home.

However, this type of holiday is not for the less experienced. For safe towing, it is recommended by many that a novice should keep the fully laden weight of the caravan no heavier than 85% of the tow car.

What Caravan Can I Tow: How to work it out?

The towing capacity is a weighty issue (if you pardon the pun) – many of the best-selling cars are capable of towing a caravan, but how do you work out how heavy a caravan actually is?

Secure Caravan Storage in Crowle, near Doncaster have put together a guide, as we look at the towing capacity a normal car has, and the rules you will need to abide by when looking to tow your mobile holiday home on your next staycation.

What Caravan Can I Tow? Secure Caravan Storage answers that question.

The capacity of towing your caravan is the maximum most cars can tow legally, However, it may not be safe or comfortable to drive, especially when driving during heavy winds or uphill to a destination. You can check the capacity of towing in your vehicle handbook, and it can also be calculated from the VIN plate.

What is the kerbweight of my car?

What Caravan Can I Tow?

What is the kerbweight you ask? Well, you can find out in the owner’s manual, sometimes on a plate on the door sill or sometimes on the registration document. Then again, you will also need to know the exact weight of the caravan, as some come in all different shapes and sizes – the weight can be found listed on the plate near the door frame and of course, in the owner handbook.

Do I need a Licence to tow a caravan or trailer?

If you passed your driving test before 1997, you don’t need a special driving licence: you can even tow heavy caravans with similarly large and heavy SUVs. If you passed your test after 1 January 1997, you are restricted to a combined maximum allowable mass of 3,500kg.

What are the best cars for Caravanning?

It’s time to get into the Jeremy Clarkson shoes now; not every car is capable to tow a caravan, especially smaller cars, as they don’t have enough…. POWER! Hatchbacks are out of the question, as they’re too small and lightweight to pull a heavy object like a caravan. We always see Hatchbacks being in the hands of a newly passed driver, around 17 to 21 years old – an age group that probably won’t be bothered about a staycation.

SUV’s and 4-wheel drive vehicles are the cars to go for, such as Land Rover, Range Rover, Skoda, just to name a few. However, if you are still unsure about what car to use then it is well worth researching what cars can best tow a caravan by going to your local dealership.